June 22, 2023

Gartner’s Workload Automation Software List

Workload Automation SOAP Examples

While they are by no means created equal, Gartner’s SOAP list (below) is a nice starting point for people who are new to Workload Automation.

Most of our clients appreciate help evaluating SOAPs, particularly cost vs. Workload Automation capabilities and vendor quality.

We’ve tried them all and can make expert recommendations for your specific needs. We have 25 years of experience reselling, supporting, and providing conversions/migrations to industry-leading workload automation solutions.

In other digital transformation articles, we introduced SOAP AI and its Role in Hyper-Automation, the 7 Functions of Workload Automation SOAPs, and how to choose a Workload Automation vendor that supports business agility.

Read on to see SOAP solutions.


Reach out to RMT here for an inside-scoop on the software below.

Absyss: Visual TOM

ActiveEon: ProActive Workflows & Scheduling

AutomationEdge: IT Process Automation

Axway: Axway Automator

BMC: Control-M/BMC Helix Control-M

Broadcom: Automic Automation; AutoSys Workload Automation

HCLTech (HCLSoftware): HCL Workload Automation

Fortra: JAMS

Red Hat: Ansible Automation Platforms

Redwood Software: ActiveBatch; Business Process Automation; Tidal Automation

Resolve Systems: Resolve Automation and Orchestration Platform

PagerDuty (Rundeck): Process Automation

ServiceNow: ServiceNow Integration Hub

SMA Technologies: OpCon

Stonebranch: Universal Automation Center (UAC)

Quality vs Cost: Picking the Perfect SOAP for Your Business Needs

The SOAPs RMT offers and services are all vetted, best-in-class Workload Automation solutions.

Robert Mark Technologies also offers Lifecycle Management SOAPS for Workload Automation. 

Without a doubt, reducing the cost of ownership, integrating workload automation with the SDLC, and streamlining the process of getting new code into production is our raison d’être.

More in Workload Automation (WLA)

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Managing Workload Automation environments is all we do, and we do it well. We’re happy to help.

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Now for some Workload Automation examples. To begin with, some of these SOAP upstarts show potential on their middle school sports team, while others are world champs. And some of their gaffers are in it for themselves (think Rupert Mannion), while others are more like Ted Lasso. Without further commentary, here’s a look at some SOAP automation up for grabs.
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