A complete solution to define, monitor and manage scheduled and event-based workloads across all enterprise applications in z/OS, Windows, Linux, hybrid and multi-cloud environments. Predictive analytics detects SLA breaches as early as possible to minimize business impact.


Cross Platforms / Vendors Visibility

Automic Automation Intelligence (AAI) provides real-time single point of view across Broadcom workload automation and other vendor schedulers.

Predictive Workload Analytics

Proactive alert management to resolve potential missed SLAs before any impact to the business.

Cross-Enterprise Application Support

Reduce the cost and complexity of managing workloads using distributed agents to drive database, SAP, Hadoop, web services and other workloads across multiple platforms.

Automation Intelligence

The extension of Automic Automation Intelligence to CA Workload Automation ESP delivers predictive analytics that gives companies the necessary visualization, adaptability and intelligence to successfully manage complex workload environments.

Hadoop Integration

Coordinate and execute Big Data jobs with cross-enterprise workflows with Workload Automation Advanced Integration with Hadoop.

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