Organizations need to effectively manage large volumes of complex, business-critical workloads across multiple applications and platforms. In such complex environments, there are a number of business challenges you have to address:

  • Availability of critical business services. A single workload failure can have a significant impact on an organization’s capability to deliver services.
  • Respond to real time business events. Today’s on-demand business world requires real-time automation to efficiently respond to business events.
  • Improve IT efficiency. Reducing IT costs continues to be a key requirement for organizations, at the same time IT is expected to improve service delivery.

AutoSys Workload Automation enhances visibility and control of complex workloads across platforms, ERP systems, and the cloud. It helps to reduce the cost and complexity of managing mission critical business processes, ensuring consistent and reliable service delivery.

Improve the availability of your critical application workloads

  • Reduced cost and complexity managing workloads across platforms
  • Enhanced business responsiveness through dynamic workload placement across physical, virtualized and cloud environments
  • Integrations with major business applications to be managed with reliability and flexibility and to be executed in sync with enterprise workflows
  • Forecasting, notifications and automatic actions for overdue jobs

Enable the future of your business workloads portability

  • Deployment either entirely or partially in a private/public cloud, traditional on-premise or in a hybrid environment
  • Natively support for both SOAP and REST web service protocols
  • Dynamic workload placement across physical, virtual and cloud resources to optimize utilization and handle spikes in processing
  • Web service allowing developers to write queries against automation engines

Manage dependencies between Hadoop and traditional jobs

  • Easy integration of Hadoop jobs, like HDFS, PIG, HIVE, SQOOP, Oozie
  • Visibility and control of Hadoop based applications with a single view of workflows across the entire IT environment
  • Intuitive design of Hadoop and other applications workflows with no coding
  • Self-service for data scientists to execute workload processing without the need of IT specialists


Multi-Platform Scheduling

Manage and visualize a business process end-to-end across platforms from a central point of control.

Extreme Scalability

To provide similar production scalability, other systems often require multiple server instances, undermining their ability to centrally monitor and control workload across physical, virtual, and multi-cloud environments.

Version & Life Cycle Management

Easily manage different versions, integrates with external source code versioning platforms, and promote automation policies across dev/test/prod environments by using

Extensive Application Support

Manage workloads for business applications such as SAP, PeopleSoft, Oracle E-Business, and others, resulting in lower operating costs and increased cross-enterprise visibility.

Built-in Fault Tolerance

Reliable, lights-out operations with intelligent, automated recovery facilitates availability of business systems by enabling jobs to be completed accurately and on time.

Self Service

End-users have the ability to request and to execute workload processing that is controlled by workload policy and governance processes, giving business more control over their own services.

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