Modern Workload Automation (WLA)

Your Digital Survival Plan Needs Modern Workload Automation

Fifteen years ago, C-Level executives saw IT as a necessary evil, an expense line with no returns.

That world is gone. So are many of the businesses who didn’t digitalize — who didn’t use their apps and sites to increase top line revenue and, obviously, decrease bottom line margins.

We’ve helped thousands of Workload Automation clients modernize with SOAPs, and we’re ready to help you.

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Succeed in Workload Automation

In today’s digitalized environment, IT is characterized by increasingly complex technology environments, and organizations must rethink their approach to Workload Automation to achieve real-time, event-driven orchestration of business services. 

The following solutions are the specialties of RMT, and our experience with these solutions spans 25 years with thousands of Workload Automation clients.


Workload Automation is the center point of every digital initiative. Legacy solutions lack the functionality to fully leverage a DevOps solution and play nice with cloud initiatives. We'll help you pick a solution that leverages cloud strategies and a DevOps approach.


To stay competitive, organizations are modernizing architecture to support cutting-edge digital services and a seamless customer experience. Yet, digital architectures bring new risks. A modernized Workload Automation solution is the backbone of any digital transformation initiative, and not including it can have serious adverse consequences to your digitalization plans.


We offer a range of consulting services across all platforms (cloud, on-prem, mainframe) and Workload Automation products. Our experts will help you optimize your digital business plans to incorporate a modern Workload Automation solution tailored to your key automation initiatives. RMT has performed over 1,300 professional service engagements with some of the largest and smallest organizations in the world.


As Workload Automation experts, we don't need to throw issues back over the fence for your application teams to fix, as you may have seen with providers who manage an entire infrastructure of applications they don't know. Our onshore and offshore options allow you to increase efficiency in line with your budget.

Because RMT has worked with so many solutions over the years, we understand the nuisances of each solution and can leverage our experience of over 130+ conversions to help you choose the right solution and migrate to that solution.

All vendors speak to their abilities to operate effectively in the cloud. However, RMT has a short list of the best Workload Automation solutions that really do it well. We have an abundance of experience with this and work with clients to leverage only the best solutions for their cloud migration.

Yes, RMT has partnered with the major players in the Workload Automation space and is a Value-Add Reseller for these solutions. We know the benefits and detriments of each solution and work with our clients to match their requirements with the right solution. We also work with many clients to procure additional licensing for the solutions they already own.

RMT has worked with numerous organizations to help them modernize their legacy Workload Automation solution. From understanding the inefficiencies of the current technology to reviewing the requirements for a more “modern” solution, RMT will help you choose the solution that fits your digitalization plans.

Whether it is a temporary or a permanent need, RMT has both onshore and offshore options for managing Workload Automation infrastructures. Please contact us for more information.

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Managing Workload Automation environments is all we do, and we do it well. We’re happy to help.

RMT found a solution that fits our digital initiatives, mitigates our risk, and still supports us. It's been a fruitful engagement. Highly recommend.
RMT is a great partner. They architected, deployed, and now manage automation across our ecosystem.

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Workload Automation is the key to every digital transformation initiative. It is the center point of all automation within an organization.

As the world emerged from the pandemic, organizations that had previously implemented their digital strategies had a significant advantage over their competitors in every market and industry.  

According to Forrester, pre-coronavirus, 57% of global data and analytics enterprise decision-makers said that their firm had or were implementing automation technologies.

Those that did not, are urgently moving their strategic digital initiatives to the top of their project stack.

RMT continues to be key to our digital transformation initiatives. We're saving 5,000 development hours a year from integrating workloads with the SDLC.
RMT got us off a dinosaur and onto a solution that's pivotal to our digital outcomes.

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