Unlock the power of Automation for cost cutting — RMT explains Gartner's 2023 SOAP Market Guide

Ah, SOAPs. If you’re in business, you’ve heard about these technological wonders. They’re like a miracle pill for simplifying complex processes. In essence, SOAPs (Service Orchestration and Automation Platforms) boost efficiency by making it easy to use hyper-automation strategies. In other words, we’re talking about Artificial Intelligence (AI), Machine Learning (ML), and Robotic Process Automation (RPA). 

To put it more simply, SOAPs automate manual work and extend the value of traditional job schedulers. They provide crazy visibility into systems and processes. They’re like a secret window into the inner workings of your enterprise and a game-changer in terms of cost reduction.

At Robert Mark Technologies (RMT), we’ve been reselling and supporting best-in-class SOAPs for 25 years. Workload Automation is all we do, and we do it well.

In this article, we’ll break down Gartner’s 2023 Market Guide for Service Orchestration and Automation Platforms to explain what SOAPs are and how they can benefit your organization. 

In subsequent articles, we’ll share the 7 Functions of Workload Automation SOAPS, the Workload Automation software that made Gartner’s list, and some tips for how to pick the right Workload Automation solution (and vendor) for your digital transformation. 

In the next 3-4 years, Gartner predicts 80% of companies using Workload Automation will leverage SOAPs to streamline operations and drive cost optimization.

Introducing SOAP AI and Its Role in Hyper-Automation

Tired of the tedious manual tasks that cost your organization time and money? Look no further than Service Orchestration and Automation Platforms (SOAPs) for a fantastic way to implement a hyper-automation strategy: optimize operations, increase agility, and drive cost savings.

They automate Workload Automation and workflow orchestration. They provision resources across hybrid systems. All in all, SOAPs dramatically enhance digital infrastructure, streamline IT, and unlock operational efficiencies.

That’s why Gartner predicts that by 2025, over 80% of companies utilizing Workload Automation will deploy a SOAP.

Why should you care? Because introducing a SOAP means less human intervention and faster response times! It’s analogous to using a jet to get from coast-to-coast instead of a horse and buggy. Humans are pretty amazing, but most of us are slow and make a lot of mistakes — especially when we’re doing tedious, repetitive tasks.

Consequently, we have SOAPs to thank for eliminating drudgery from our lives. No more monotonous tasks. We can use our brainpower for more interesting pursuits, like selling revolutionary products and services. 

So, what’s the strategy behind Service Orchestration and Automation Platforms (SOAPs)?

SOAP Strategy in a Nutshell

SOAPs offer rapid deployment, scalability, and efficient resource allocation for businesses. With easy-to-use GUIs for constructing data pipelines and analytics tools for monitoring performance in real time, SOAPs also interact with other automation platforms like digital platform conductors and RPA platforms. 

To clarify, this extends their value in complex automation use cases, such as the automation of file transfers, creation of data pipelines, scheduling of jobs to deploy and run cloud applications, and orchestrating of IaaS/SaaS workflows.

SOAP It Up: The Benefits of Pay-As-You-Consume

By using a cloud-based SOAP like Automic Automation — one Workload Automation solution among many that RMT resells and supports — businesses gain scalability, flexibility, and cost reductions with a pay-as-you-consume model. In other words, costs are based on usage, rather than the long-term fixed price contracts seen with traditional, on-premise solutions.

The Function of a SOAP? It Makes Life Easier.

What makes a SOAP a SOAP, and why is it the cleanest engine for IT environments? According to Gartner, all SOAPs worthy of the name perform at least seven functions. Read the 7 functions of SOAPs for Workload Automation here. 

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