Digitalization isn’t constrained to business or industry.  It’s happening throughout the world, in every aspect of technology.  As enterprise leaders look at evaluating what digitalization means for them as it relates to their Workload (Workflow) Automation requirements, the complexity of decision making has never been greater.  To compete and win requires a trusted partner with the experience and skills to bring opportunity into focus and operationalize positive change quickly – a partner who can enable achievable, confident decisioning that keeps you ahead of the market. 

Implementation & Configuration

A good implementation starts with doing your homework (Architecture). This starts with understanding the reasons/requirements that led to the purchase of the technology. Using that due diligence when implementing ensures key functionality is leveraged and is essential for the future success. of that technology. Robert Mark Technologies (RMT) has performed over 400 architectures and implementations of Workload (Workflow) Automation solutions for organizations across the globe.


Workload (Workflow) Automation traditional batch scheduling is now a thing of the past. Organizations demand more out of their technology and require these solutions to integrate and run applications in the cloud. Furthermore, integration with every application within their organization (like Hadoop, Informatica and other Business Intelligence products). is the next evolution of Workload (Workflow) Automation.


As organizations review their digital requirements for their Workload (Workflow) Automation solutions, they realize their current legacy solution is not able to fulfill their digital requirements. These organizations quickly realize it’s time to move to another technology that will help them achieve their digital goals. With any conversion, there are inherit. risks associated with a migration to another technology. RMT has performed 100+ conversions and we have created a methodology that both mitigates risk and also ensures the modernized solution fulfills the digital requirements that led to the decision to change technology.


Software vendors are working hard to make upgrades easier. However, with more and more integrations (including cloud-based integrations), upgrades continue to get more complex. RMT has been performing upgrades (400+) from the smallest to the largest Workload (Workflow). Automation environments in the world.

Assessment & Best Practices

We speak with hundreds of clients per month. The vast majority of them communicate their concern with doing the same thing and not transforming with the technology. In many instances, their solutions have been implemented for years without any outside eyes looking in to help evolve. their technology. New releases bring a plethora of integrations and functionality. If your team isn’t aware of them, the business suffers and when your competition leverages it (and you don’t), they gain an edge. RMT works with many organizations to help them understand where they can do better with their technology. Whether it be new integrations available, cloud-based offerings or even best practices, RMT can assess, recommend and implement change in your environment for the better.


All organizations are migrating most/all of their applications to a cloud-based architecture. As these migrations take place, some Workload Automation solutions are not fit for cloud-based processing. These legacy solutions do not coincide with the demands of a true cloud strategy. It may be time. to evaluate other Workload solutions that are a better fit for your cloud strategy. RMT can work with you to determine the right Workload Automation solution that still considers your legacy requirements but better aligns with your overall digital transformation plan.

Managed Services

While there are many organizations that have a managed services offering, RMT is the only player when it comes to specifically Workload Automation managed services. Our managed services cover all aspects of your Workload. Automation environment. We offer options for administration, scheduling and monitoring and management of your solution. Managing Workload Automation environments is all we do (unlike other providers who manage all but are not experts at any) and we do it well.


We partner with the major players in Workload Automation to resell their education. In addition, where it has made sense, RMT has created their own education to supplement and provide another layer of education for our. clients.

NOC Services

The RMT “Center of Excellence” provides our clients with 24/7 monitoring of the Workflows. Our resources have experience monitoring all the major Workload Automation solutions and can step to manage any sized environment.. Because we only managed Workload Automation Schedulers, we are well positioned to handle issues ourselves that many other providers would just simply throw over the fence to be handled by the development community. This has allowed the NOC area within our organization to grow exponentially over the years.

Workload Automation Trends


Many organizations depend on Informatica to manage their critical business data. Many of these organizations have created custom scripts to perform what Workload Automation solutions can do out of the box. Leveraging Workload Automation for Informatica, not only eliminates the need for customizations, but also allows you to migrate from a point solution to a unified solution. Find out how align your Informatica processes with your Workload Automation solution.


Big data initiatives are a part of every organization looking to understand the trends and characteristics of their customers. How are you going to manage the processing of all that data? Workload Automation solutions specialize in the development, scheduling and monitoring of the processes associated with Hadoop. Let RMT help you understand the benefits of leveraging Workload Automation with Hadoop.

Self Service

If done right, Workload Automation environments continue to grow exponentially. How do you handle the growth without vastly growing your staff? There are three components to Self Service in any Workload Automation environment. Security, Monitoring and management (M&M) and Lifecycle Management. Talk to an RMT specialist on the best way to leverage self-service in your Workload Automation environment.


Our sister company Arbiter Software has developed a solution for CA Workload Automation clients to enable them to deploy a DevOps solution to enable a better quality of service for the development community. See how ACCE is the Workload Automation industries best solution for DevOps.

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