Molina Healthcare, Inc. provides quality and cost-effective Medicaid-related solutions to meet the health care needs of low-income families and individuals and to assist state agencies in their administration of the Medicaid program. Thirty  years after the company was started as a single primary care clinic in an underserved neighborhood, Molina Healthcare remains committed to delivering quality care and continues to be a the leader in Medicaid health plan accreditation.

In many of the projects Robert Mark handle, the company’s consultants would manage a product upgrade from start to finish, working to establish the architecture and project plan up front, and then move through implementation, testing, knowledge transfer and a go-live date for the production environment. The IT organization at a client site may have internally skilled resources which are time-constrained, or lacking some experience with a conversion or upgrade. In these cases Robert Mark still keeps the client operations team engaged, but manages both high level planning and if needed, project management, as well as doing the fine-grained (dirty work) on the customer’s behalf.

Molina Healthcare Inc. and Robert Mark Technologies (RMT) had a pre-established relationship before Molina recently retained RMT to help them upgrade their Job Management and Workload Automation (WA) environment. Molina had utilized Professional Services from Robert Mark over four years prior to assist them in implementing their current release (4.5) of CA AutoSys WA. This past October, Molina again to turned to Robert Mark to assist in a much bigger project, the adoption of CA AutoSys Workload Automation R11.

The R11 release of CA AutoSys WA introduced some new components that were a departure from what Molina has grown accustomed to in 4.5.1. The Workload Control Center, the management interface for CA AutoSys had changed substantially, as did product security and many of the common communications components in the product. Molina was looking for a partner to help navigate those changes during the upgrade. Through CA Services, Molina requested that Robert Mark be retained for the project.

In Molina Healthcare’s case, they did not want a team to just swoop in and complete the version upgrade for them. They wanted their team engaged, and doing a good portion of the heavy lifting. Learning happens by doing and so does a sense of ownership over a project. This was a case where RMT services needed to fit their offering around the business circumstances at the customer site