Modernizing Workload Automation - as a part of your digital transformation journey

As the world emerges from the grip of the Covid-19 pandemic, those organizations that implemented their digital strategies prior to the pandemic have had a significant advantage to their competition in virtually every market and industry.  According to Forrester, Pre-coronavirus, 57% of global data and analytics decision makers at enterprises said that their firm had implemented automation technologies or were in the process of doing so.  Those that did not, are taking on a strategize urgency to move their digital initiatives to the top of the project stack.  Workload Automation is a key to every digital initiative as it is the center point of all automation within an organization.  Legacy workload solutions lack the functionality to fully leverage a DevOps solution as well as play nice with cloud initiatives.  Organizations that can move from legacy workload solutions to a more modernized solution will find a quicker path to implementation of their digital desired outcomes.Please join Robert Mark Technologies and to learn how other organizations are modernizing their Workload solutions as a part of their Digital Journey in this post Covid-19 market.

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