RMT provides industry leading training for Workload Automation Solutions.  We are a reseller of Broadcom, BMC and ASG Technologies education solutions.  Whether you are new to Workload Automation or embarking on an upgrade, RMT can help ensure your developers, schedulers, operators and administrators are ready for the new solution. RMT also provides customized education to supplement the education provided by the providers education we resell.

BMC Workload Automation

RMT is a VAR and Service Provider for the BMC’s Workload Automation solution (Control-M). RMT will assist you in determining the best approach for training your staff.  Depending on the resources who need training, there are clear cut learning track to follow to ensure proper knowledge is gained from the education provided. With each learning track there is a certification associated with that track.

Different Learning Tracks for BMC’s Control-M